Are you a Beginner?
Not necessarily with Computers, but with a particular subject?
Are you a Beginner with Desk Top Publishing?……or Video Editing?
Then this is the section for you.
We try to arrange tuition for beginners in whatever subject/programme that you are a Beginner in.

So contact us and let us know what subject you need help with.
Contact the Beginners Coordinator , Morris Gray, on moc.liamg|srennigebccj#moc.liamg|srennigebccj or contact any Committee Member

If you would like any further information or would simply like to know more details about Membership, then drop in to the Club on any Monday or Tuesday morning.

Look forward to seeing you.


Beginners' Co-Ordinator —Morris Gray

Please note that Beginners Tuition is only available to Club Members.

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