Club information


* The Club meets at "The Club House", Edificio Arenal-80, Avenida Tamarits, Javea, three times a week from 9.30 am until around 12.30, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

* Monday sessions are unstructured and primarily for trying out programs on the Club's PCs, exploring the Internet via ADSL broadband and troubleshooting hardware and software. If you have a problem with your PC, ask for some help and arrange to bring it in on a Monday.

* Tuesdays are reserved for meetings of the Special Interest Groups and the tuition of small groups of beginners.

* Each Thursday from mid-September until July we hold a lecture or demonstration on a topic of general computing interest. If you can contribute by speaking, or know of someone who can help educate us about computers, please contact Cyril Greaves or other Committee Member. Feel free also to suggest topics for talks.

* The Club has Audio/Visual equipment for use by speakers including PCs and two multimedia projectors, Wireless ADSL Internet connection and public address system. Our programme of lectures is publicised at Club Meetings, in the Costa Blanca News and on the Club Web Page.


Annual Membership fee is €20 per person. The entrance fee to Club Meetings is €1.00 per person (or per couple for husband and wife members) per visit. There is a one off joining fee of € 10 per person.

Guest/Visitor Policy:

The Computer Club is first and foremost a members club but guests and visitors are welcome on Mondays and Thursdays up to a maximum of 2 visits after which time they are expected to take up membership. (Entrance fee 2 Euros) Use of the equipment is for members only. Guest/visitor visits are not allowed during teaching sessions or when speakers are addressing the Club on Tuesdays

Club Resources:

On Mondays we try to give everyone a share of the clubs computers, the laptop space and access to the more experienced members who can help with problems. When the club is very busy, we may ask you to give way, after a reasonable period of time, to allow other members to use the facilities.

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups meet on on alternate Tuesdays (see Club Programme for which groups meet when). To date the groups are: Genealogy; Digital imaging; Digital Photography; Flight Simulation; Computer building; Desk Top Publishing; Linux; a web-based walking guide; Video Editing; Long distance wireless networking; Media centre PCs; To join a group, just turn up at a Club meeting and ask. Members are invited to form interest groups on any computing subject which interests them.

Membership Cards

Each JCC member is issued with a laminated Membership card. Please ask at the check-in desk if you do not have one. We ask that members should wear their cards as name tags during JCC meetings so that you're not just a pretty face, also to help us remember who you are when chatting to you.

Magazine/Book Library

Many Members purchase other magazines and donate them to the Club after reading them. These magazines are all available for borrowing. Try not to keep them too long so that other Members can borrow them. If you have any magazines to donate, please pass them to our Librarian or to a Committee Member. Books may also be borrowed on trust (they are usually pretty old ones!)

Shareware Library

The Club has a collection of CDs from Computer Magazines. These can be borrowed much in the same way as magazines. The Club relies very much on support from its members to maintain and enlarge the software library. Please donate any CDs you have from the covers of Computer Magazines.

Internet Presence

The Jávea Computer Club has its own Web Page on the Internet, which provides information about the Committee, the Club's activities, specialist user groups and useful links. E-mail can be sent to the Club and to Committee members through links at this site, which is at: Our E-mail address is: gro.bulcretupmocaevaj|nimda#gro.bulcretupmocaevaj|nimda

The club has two telephone lines and a network linked to a broadband ADSL line for free connection to the Net during Club Sessions. The telephone lines are reserved mainly for troubleshooting dial-up settings and should not be used for personal purposes except in emergencies. Members are, however, invited to use the ADSL line via a networked Club PC or link up their laptop to surf the Net (via ethernet cable or WiFi). Since big file downloads slow down the shared line, we request members to refrain from downloading large files when the line is busy.

The Club also runs an on-line E-mail forum (HELP LINE) where members can ask questions, pass comments and enter into general discussions about computing matters. The forum is moderated by Derek Mawson and Morris Gray and can be subscribed to from our Web Page.

Club Discounts and Special Terms:

We can get special purchase terms on computer supplies from several Computer shops. Just show them your membership card and ask if there is a Club special offer. This in no way detracts from the many other computer shops operating in the area.

Annual General Meeting:

This is held at the beginning of the year, in February. The JCC is a Registered Club and our Articles of Association (in English and Spanish) are available for inspection.

Magazine Delivery Service:

Club members who subscribe to English Computer Magazines at UK rates can have them delivered to Spain and the Clubhouse via a transport service provided by David Dale Removals in Yorkshire. This service is subsidised by the Club and is free to all members. For registration details, please come to the Club House.


Equipment brought to the Club is the responsibility of owners. Neither the club nor Individual Club Members can be held liable for any claimed loss or damage to equipment or individuals resulting from club activities. (All Club Publications seek to protect the intellectual copyright of authors. Content may not be reproduced without the written assent of the author). Jávea Computer Club: NIF G03768496

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