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Morris Gray(c) <moc.yargsirrom|gm#moc.yargsirrom|gm> wrote:

Hi Folks.
Can someone tell me , in simple terms, what services can be accessed on the iPhone/ Nokia 95 etc.

A: Pls see my Dec'06 presentation to the JCC:

Is the sending and receiving of data on your mobile the same as MMS ?

A: No, this is a separate service.

Can the Nokia 95 log in as a Browser? and display Web pages? and receive Emails ?

A: Yes, also run Skype or any other internet p2p service, unless the operator blocks these services (the case on most 3G services in e.g. France).

Can a Nokia 95, bought in UK with a UK service provider, be used in Spain ?

A: Yes, but it is expensive, as it is on roaming. EU is pushing for lower roaming charges.

Can it still log in as a Browser?…and get Emails ?

A: Sure

Surely the cost of 'online' time to receive the data would be exorbitant if roaming charges were applied.
Could you simply change the Sim card to a Spanish one and then log in to a Spanish Mobile provider and receive the Web data using Spanish charges?

A: Absolutely, provided the device is not locked to the UK provider.

You'll gather that I'm very new to this but these devices are becoming ' the thing to have….' but NOW!
The recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona was full of these devices.

A good subject for a Thursday talk at the JCC?

A: We could do an update of the Dec'06 pitch.

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Re: What services can be accessed on the iPhone/ N
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Press releases say that a 3g iphone will be released here in May

Chris BJ
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Fredrik W.
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Re: What services can be accessed on the iPhone/ N
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An update of the Dec'06 pitch is now scheduled for Thursday, June the 5th. In the meantime you can brows to:
"Mobile applications, RIP" to read about some of the developments
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