Want a Multimedia Device to show your photos, Movies and music on your TV?

We investigate Smart TVs and Multimedia solutions including suitable PCs and build it yourself computers such as the Raspberry Pi.

Depending on where your PC and TV are in the evolutionary scale, you might need our reference information for connectivity.videocables2.jpg

We share the latest info and news on the PC TV group forum - although you may want to come along the club to see what we are doing to make the best sense of some of the recent posts below.

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The TV PC Group has a dedicated eeePC and a TV Monitor
We currently have a wireless keyboard with inbuilt multimedia and mouse controls on loan from Computercare.
Please e-mail PBayliss.jpg [moc.liamg|atagniretep#moc.liamg|atagniretep] to be added to the distribution list for more information about this group.


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