Survey 2010

Survey 2010!


Prior to the AGM we circulated a survey to members designed by John Jardine seeking members' interests. A summary of the analysis can be seen below:

Survey Analysis Summary

We had some excellent feedback this year, over 100 members responded to our questions and submitted ideas all of which were positive and many very encouraging! Dragging ourselves into the computer age rather than using paper forms (mostly) seems to have helped.

This year we found out that 53% of users have a Tower PC as their main PC and 63% are using Windows XP (Vista + Windows 7 = 47%).

In general the subjects of interest this year are pretty much the same as they were last year but these are also the topics you would like us to repeat ! Does this mean that we weren't very effective ? Hopefully not. Several members mentioned that they are not here all year round. We will take this into consideration to try not to schedule topics at the same time each year.

Clearly PCs are mostly used by members for emailing, surfing the internet and organising photos. Routine tasks such as backup, speeding up the computer and keeping it stable also scored highly. The level of interest in other topics can be seen very clearly in the Survey Summary.

The most noticeable difference since last year is that there is a very strong interest in “TV over Internet” as well as downloading Multimedia in general.

The areas that showed a decline in interest included Skype and the use of Memory Sticks.

Comments submitted have been circulated (anonymously) to the committee. One of the suggestions was to add a hyperlink to BBC Click on the JCC website and this has been done.

If we repeat the survey next year we will extend the scope to ask for more feedback about other aspects of the club.

Finally we would like to remind everyone that we welcome contributions from as many members as possible to help keep the club interesting. So if you are prepared to share your special interest with others please let a member of the committee know – you will find it a rewarding experience.

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