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Check if you have a worm
Instant Messaging threats
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Check if you have a worm
You can pick up worms and nasties in all sorts of ways. Visit the following website to download a tiny program TCPVIEW to see if you picked up anything during your internet travels!

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Instant Messaging threats
Today, Instant Messaging (IM) is used on PCs, between smartphones, via WiFi or Bluetooth wireless connections, with gaming devices, and through infrared-compatible devices. The fact that a compatible client is all that's needed for an IM session means new prominence for IM as a target of attacks. For more information go to
Trend Micro Web site

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On-line Scanner for Viruses
If you would like to scan your computer for worms, viruses, Trojans and malicious code, visit HouseCall, Trend Micro's free, online virus scanner at:

Links to Anti-virus Websites

Site Description Web Address - Click to link to the site
Hoax News Hoax
Spyware News Spyware Guide
Phishing - description
Symantec research

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